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Welcome to my store, Beautiful Unique You!  The peacock represents a unique one of a kind bird, and with that idea in mind, it is  what I attempt to create in my jewelry,  for my unique one of a kind customers.   Please browse through these  one of a kind hand-made costume jewelry pieces.  My inspiration comes from a variety of materials both natural and man  made, such as pearls, glass seed beads large and small, wood beads, leather, crystals and semi-precious minerals, some  brass and gold filled wire to name a few.  I also use ornate buttons and brooches made by other artist to create jewelry instead of wearing them on a garment or as a brooch.  Each piece with it's own color and design (sometimes similar but not 100%  identical) is created for the unique individual that you are. 

Fortunately I have inherited my creative abilities from my parents.  My mother sewed clothes for herself as well as for me and my sister.  She had a way of embellishing her garments that made everything look great.  I've gained the love of sparkle as I watched her add by hand,  rhinestones and sequins to her dressier garments.

My father's talents, without any formal training, was sketching, painting, photography and building wood projects by hand.

I hope to continue to create unique works of art also known as jewelry for Beautiful Unique You! 

Thank you for stopping by.

Hand-Made Long Waterfall Charm Necklace

Hand-Made Long Waterfall Charm Necklace

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    A form of braided gray colored leather cord makes the neckalce of this intricate hand-made piece.    An eye catching, complimentary necklace, consist of bead colors in green, blue, and yellow.  Some beads are topped with silver-toned bead caps.  The pendant has tiny rhinestones in the colors of pale green, blue and pink.  One large beads has inlaid white rhinestones.  A teardrop shaped replica of a peacock feather finish the look of this cascading, overlapping waterfall, one of a kind necklace.  Top to bottom length is 20 inches long, with a neck opening of 25 inches.

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