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Lots of Blessings and Namaste!

My passion and calling is to share my gifts of alternative health and healing with individuals who are suffering or in a life transition.  I also teach fellow healers my methods so more  people can benefit from the practices I know. 

- Doris Muna, energy healing practitioner, consultant and international instructor.  Author of The Triangle of Health: Discover Your Healing Journey.  She is the founder of Dorothea Healing Essences.
Premium Gift Set

Premium Gift Set

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    A premium gift with the latest combination essences;

    A gift that encompasses all there is to support and move forward on all issues that may be in your way to a blissful life.

    Serenity : addresses feelings of distress‚ exhaustion‚ anxiety and depression you’re bound to feel from time to time. 

    Harmony: Do you have feelings of disconnect between loved ones? 

    Prosperity: This essence shifts your energy to a more powerful‚ positive vibration‚ so you can attract abundance in all areas of your life.

    Grace: Does your mind‚ body and soul feel unhealthy? Are you overly codependent or independent? Are you having a Soul disconnect?

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